Pirates of the Caribbean - On Stranger Tides

To use a cooking euphemism, the latest installment of the Pirates franchise was essential the same cake as the previous sequels, but a change in the color of the icing. If you thought Dead Man's Chest and At World's End were amazing, you'll probably feel the same about this one. (this goes for those who didn't enjoy the others as well) Most critics are calling it a "lackluster". But it was a fun movie, although the type of film you walk away from with nothing more in your head than "well, what should we do now? Want to go out for ice cream?"

A rebuttal: Johnny Depp is amazing in the film. Jack Sparrow is truly unique and I imagine that making these movies was probably one of the funnest experiences for any actor.

"You do the work and you want people to see it; but, um while I'm doing the work, the result doesn't matter at all to me. Ultimately, I don't, I don't care whether the film is - you know - some big giant box-office bonanza and I don't care if its a complete flop. To me, when a film gets made and it's actually finished it's a success. They're all a success in their own way."
-Johnny Depp

My IMDB Vote: 5/10
IMDB's Cumulative Votes: 7.0/10 (20,905 votes)

Parent Guide: Pirate action scenes. Little blood or graphic violence. Mermaids are topless, but they frame shots and stage actors to not reveal anything.

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