Wedding Video Intro

Andy and Jen Ramos' Wedding Video Intro

In 2010 I shot some wedding footage for Jen and Andy Ramos (sis-in-law). There were some huge snags with finding a machine that could work with the footage that I took, but it turned out really nice. The video ended up having more than an hours worth of footage, but I thought it would be good to just post the opening segment, which has some really beautiful shots and some simple but (I thought cool) motion graphics.

Super 8 - J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg

With a season of extra-terrestrials, (Battle LA, Skyline, Cowboys and Aliens, Green Lantern) surprisingly, what has made this film a tangible and emotional experience surpassing others is not the action, CGI, nor crazy alien gadgetry and weaponry. On the contrary, the appeal to this hometown experience is the relationship of a few 15 year old kids as they endeavor to make a movie amidst the crazy events caused by an extra-terrestrial presence. And who better to build this experience than Producer Steven Spielberg who brought us E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial as well as Close Encounters. And Director J.J. Abrams whose previous creations have displayed an ability to build stories around curious and unexplained events (Lost, Fringe, Star Trek, Cloverfield)

This film has done well. Critics have liked it in general (83% on rotten tomatoes/ 7.9/10 IMDB) and viewers (Its first few weeks boast 72 Million at the box office coming in close second to Green Lantern's, whose reviews have been dismal to say the least, though I have yet to see so I will refrain from judgement)
Abrams and Spielberg have spoken of a desire to reach back to traditional practical effects and events to ground this sci-fi story in reality. The most important element of the story, (which it seems film makers are forgetting more and more), is that we want to spend time with good characters. Each 15 year old character, from Joe Lamb (played by Joel Courntey) to Alice Dainard (Elle Fanning) are subtle and responsive, like taking moments out of our own youth and embodying them in the characters. We spend a significant space of time just being with them and seeing their simple, but challenging lives. It seems to me that this film is actually about Friendship and Family and what really puts a rift in them, and how catastrophe often pulls us closer to the ones we love.

My IMDB Vote: 9/10
IMDB's Cumulative Votes: 7.9/10 (16,091 votes)

Parent Guide: The most offensive part of the film is the language. The group of young boys talks just like a group of 15 year old boys would... fairly vulgar and profane.

Kung Fu Panda 2

Total Awesomeness! I recommend this film. If you loved the first one than the second falls right in line. I wouldn't put it above the first, but it is a strong sequel. For me the most powerful aspect of this cartoon is that they were able to make the characters deeper and more rounded without changing them from what they were in the first Kung Fu Panda. Example: Tigris is more tender, but she doesn't lose the edge and hard/emotionless that she was in the first. That's a difficult task. Props to DreamWorks

My IMDB Vote: 8/10
IMDB's Cumulative Votes: 8.0/10 (7,440 votes)

Parent Guide: Cartoon action and mild violence (they do Kung Fu in the Movie. Hope that doesn't come as a surprise to anyone...)