I hesitate... but here it is....

Here is my puppetry assignment from my animation class. I hesitate, because I'm not super pleased with the quality. While there are some redeeming factors, they are only apparent if you know how the puppets were made and the process of capturing and clean up.
This little video was inspired by a film called To Live (Huozhe) by Zhang Yimou. In China there is a tradition of using thin paper dolls against a semi-translucent backdrop as shadow puppets to tell stories. I've included a clip that shows the puppets at 2:34min. into the clip: If you have the opportunity you should watch the whole thing. Its a great film.

So I endeavored to create something similar. The part that turned out really well, is the first shot, and the final ones. The first shot is actually a composition of 3 separate images composited as one. I thought it turned out almost seemless. The final shots are just fun because of the Jet Fire effect and the explosion.
So, having said, the quality is pretty poor everywhere else, but it was super fun to make, and sort of funny I guess.