Inception Swede

They say imitation is the highest form of praise. So here's my praise for Christopher Nolan's Inception. This is also a shout out to a Michel Gondry film which is totally awesome called Be Kind Rewind. It stars Jack Black, Mos Def, and Danny Glover. They own a VHS rental store and all the movies get erased. So Jack Black's character and Mos Def's remake the movies. Their remakes are called Sweded. They are super funny and often clever how they decide to make the movies work. Its a great film, and we decided to swede Inception.

Oh, and yes. I was lucky enough to land the role of Cobb.


  1. 1- the helicopter was fantastic!
    2- we watched your punch to the fact about four times. really perfect.
    3- you are a great actor!

    loved it!

  2. Dude. This is sweet. You are the coolest. Going to show Klayton when he gets home.
    PS Never punch me. Please?