Fred and Nita's wedding

This is one of my favorite productions. I really enjoyed doing this for Fred and Nita. It's kinda long but for them it was worth it and for me its good content to market myself. I'm planning on starting a wedding/event video production business. If any are intrested, I will have low rates and good quality work, like this one.

Fourth of July II

This is the second in an ongoing theme. The fourth of July has been one of the funnest holidays since I've been home from the mission. This is the second video documenting the experience. This one is particularly marked with Coldplays music from their new album Viva La Vida. If you feel the drear from Rexburg's long winters, this is definitely the one to excite you for the summer. It proves that Roy and Me are really random. And that Kenny is definitely the opposite of a never-nude....

Melaleuca Man

Every month when I worked at Melaleuca they would do activites throughout to help keep people excited and happy at work. This was a movie we made for a Melaleuca Film festival during April 2008. The actors were all from my team at Melaleuca and the old bottle of Tough and Tender that is used in the clip is a real product from the old days of Melaleuca, when it was just getting started. Thanks to Jared Merrit's mom who has been a Melaleuca customer for all these years.

Kevin Fuller's Big Judds Project

This was a fun one, we made in a few short hours. It was for Kevin's business class, and I really didn't understand the purpose of it, but it was fun and we got to eat at big judds. Hope Audery and Kev see this, cause it's been almost a year since we made it. Can't remember the exact time, maybe they will. (prod. 3/15/08)

Leatherbys Training

This was actually the first video (and only) that I've ever been paid to make. I made it for Leatherbys after i stopped working there and they were under new management, my brother asked me to come to the restaurant in Taylorsville Utah to get footage so that not as many workers needed to travel so far to know what Leatherbys is all about and what is expected. the beginning is the fun part, then it's a lot of talking but atleast watch the first few minutes. (prod 12/31/07)

The Making of Leatherbys

This video is great memories from my family's experience with Leatherby's. It was made to show to the crew the things I had video taped of getting Leatherby's going and it was shown at the HALLOWEEN party in 2007. I miss working there so much sometimes. (Prod. 10/31/07)

The Dublin Waltz

This is the video I consider pinnacle of achievement until this point. obviously larger scale films are on my goal list but this one really came together closely to what I had in mind innitially. That fact alone makes it in my mind a huge success. The music video wasn't as well received as i had hoped. To fully understand it a glance at the lyrics to the song and recognizing that the song is written in 3/4 time signature, meaning it really is a waltz, is the reason for the visuals in the clip.
The barriers in making the film was the weather and the number of people involved. It is hard to organize people without money. I actually couldn't believe it worked out.