Merlin's TV Service - Northgate Mile in Idaho Falls

My parents are still in business but back at the old Merlins TV building in Idaho falls on Northgate. Appliance repair, Television repair, and pretty much anything else. My dad has always had a knack for fixing just about anything.

So my dad showed me how to go in and replace the crystal with a completely different frequency so that my RC car could drive with anyone else's and not cause problems.

That was the coolest thing in the world. Well, my dad is still figuring out ways to fix stuff with my brother in law Troy. They do all sorts of repairs.

They've started doing appliance repairs on Northgate in Idaho Falls. OFten with a quick repair, you can get your appliances to last another 2-10 years, depending on the age and model of your machine. Of course, tv repair in Idaho Falls is Merlin's TV Service's bread and butter. They've been in the business of fixing TVs for many years; since way back when my Dad's uncle (Merlin) started the shop in the same building. There is quite a history to that old building on Northgate mile.

I can say that I have witnessed first hand what goes on at Merlins TV service because I worked there all while growing up and while in college in Rexburg. They are the fastest guys in Idaho Falls and the surrounding area. The best thing about doing TV repair in Idaho Falls or appliance repair in Idaho Falls, is that with Merlins they don't beat around the bush. They are gonna tell you what's going on with your TV and what it's going to take to fix it. They aren't into being "salesy" or trying to pull the wool over your eyes like some places. They give 100% honest evaluation and if they don't think a repair is going to be worth it, and you might just want to buy a new set, they won't hesitate to tell you, even though it may mean they don't make any money from it.

From appliance repair, TV repair, to Dish Network and DirecTV installation: whether in rain, snow, or sunshine, these guys will be there to help get your setup going when you run into problems. Don't hesitate to call in or stop by for more information.

Merlin's TV Service
(208) 523-5037
204 Northgate Mile
Idaho Falls, ID 83401

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Here's our Christmas card with a brief overview of how our 2012 came along. It's been a great year with lots of great moments and fun times. Hope you enjoy it and have a Merry Christmas!

Tietjen Video Christmas Card from Cloud Runner Media on Vimeo.

Pursuit from Cloud Runner Media on Vimeo.

The assignment: To film a character who is in pursuit of some object or goal.

Moment of Decision

The assignment was to tell a brief story about someone who has to make a tough decision. We were to shoot it so that the decision is clear and concise but bares some weight. I couldn't figure out what to shoot for the life of me... so this is what I ended up doing.

Moment of Decision from Cloud Runner Media on Vimeo.