Kung Fu Panda 2

Total Awesomeness! I recommend this film. If you loved the first one than the second falls right in line. I wouldn't put it above the first, but it is a strong sequel. For me the most powerful aspect of this cartoon is that they were able to make the characters deeper and more rounded without changing them from what they were in the first Kung Fu Panda. Example: Tigris is more tender, but she doesn't lose the edge and hard/emotionless that she was in the first. That's a difficult task. Props to DreamWorks

My IMDB Vote: 8/10
IMDB's Cumulative Votes: 8.0/10 (7,440 votes)

Parent Guide: Cartoon action and mild violence (they do Kung Fu in the Movie. Hope that doesn't come as a surprise to anyone...)

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