Letters To Pearl Harbor - Student Film

Mid semester (I think during September) I had another opportunity to help on a film. This time it was a student film called Letters to Pearl Harbor. It was shot in Provo, and the scenes I helped on were shot in the Maeser Building on BYU Campus. I had volunteered as a P.A. (Production Assistant: which is a glorified term for someone who does whatever menial task is needed. Essentially a "gofer") but an interesting thing happened and 2 of us PA's were asked to be dressed as MP Officers and be extras in the film. I don't know the director of the film's name, but Kristen Hilliard produced it and it should be premeiring soon. This one I will most definitely be in the film. My job was to walk into a dark smoky interrogation room, where the main character was being grilled by some FBI dudes, and throw a box of her personal belongings on the table. I put on my most serious face and dumped with more character than ever before.
Another funny experience that happened while on set: The script called for some actors to smoke;(Since everyone was LDS and it was a student film, they used herbal cigarettes) that accompanied with the fog machine produced enough smoke to set off the fire alarm. We all exited the building, not for fear of any fire, but because it was so loud and it didn't stop for at least a half an hour.

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