Absence More Than Presence

In our TMA 114 class on Narrative types, I was introduced to a narrative structure called Typicality and Process. Its purpose is to create the everyday. Remove unnatural conflict and often take time to show real life type events; Exalting the Everyday!

The story was inspired by a special moment I've experience only a few times, while living in Idaho. In the winter, when a thick layer of snow has just come down, it has the effect of muffling the entire world. It is one of the few times I've experience total and complete silence. I mean REAL SILENCE. And there, standing out in a field, all alone, I realized what I had been missing all my life. We fill our lives with noise and color. This is a story about stopping and smelling the roses, to coin a cliche. And the Absence More than Presence is referring to the aural track of the short film.

Thanks to:
Aaron Ogilvie (Actor)
Colten Ashley (Director)
Samantha Cope (Director of Photography)
Coco Mack (Producer)
Carson Tietjen (Screenplay)

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