17 Miracles

At the beginning of Fall Semester (2010), just before classes started, I had the opportunity to be an extra in a TC Christensen film called 17 Miracles. It was shot at the LDS Motion Picture Studio here in Provo. The MPS is awesome. They have a huge back lot that is mostly a forest. On one side they have a Pioneer town where several church films have been shot. Most would recognize the Newel K Whitney Store replica.

I spent a good 12 hours standing in the background as a pioneer, dressed as shown above. My uncle Doug went with me and we both spent the day hoping to be part of a shot that would make it into the final cut of the film. You never really know, as an extra you're supposed to be just part of the background, but there were a few times I was directed to walk past in a scene fairly close to the camera.
Doug on the other hand, he will most definitely be in the film. During an important death scene, he stood next to the dying man. His face may not be seen but his boot will be.

I learned a lot and being an extra was good, because most of the time you just sit there. So I would venture as close to the camera and crew as possible. (when I was not in a particular scene that is) I just wanted to see how they worked together. Surprisingly the Director (TC Christensen) was not the one calling the orders. He would say "action" rather quietly and then his 1st Assistant Director would yell it really loud.

I learned more in a day just watching, than I could have reading 10 books about it. The MPS is totally rad, and I would love to work there someday.

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  1. That's awesome! I'm so excited for that movie to come out - I know a couple of the actors in it, and T.C. is an awesome film maker, this movie is going to be great! Do you have any idea when it's coming out?

    Also, T.C. is speaking at the Davis Film Festival on April 27th - check it out: http://davisfilmclub.blogspot.com/p/organization-and-constitution.html