Pretty Darn Funny

It is often the subject of conversation that there is a limited amount of wholesome or "clean" media being created in our days. And although I don't entirely agree with that (there is a lot of good clean media out there but most of us choose not to watch/indulge in it because it gets filed under "not entertaining enough") However, I have been part of a student crew that has been working on this web series over the past semester. It was created by Jeff Parkin & Jared Cardon (BYU faculty) and Produced by Deseret Book with the goal in mind to create something that is fun, enjoyable, and humorous, without compromising personal values. The show is really awesome and fun. Its free and the episodes are short. I haven't ever worked on a project quite like this one before and it has been truly a great experience. Check out the link below:

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