Media and Faith

 I recently watched a devotional on BYU-TV given by Amy Jensen entitled Some Hopeful Words on Media and Agency. Amy Jensen is currently serving as Chair of the Theatre and Media Arts department, which just so happens to be my major. Amy is one of the more qualified people to discuss this topic. Her studies have been focused on how teachers engage students on any academic level through media. I recommend the devotional and I have to say it has inspired me.
 BYU Devotional - Amy Jensen - (3/20/12)

In a few weeks I will have graduated from BYU in Media Arts Studies. After watching this devotional I've been feeling a growing responsibility to contribute positive media to the world. As a career I will probably spend the next few years working on projects that advertise and represent other companies and enterprises. And although I do not foresee myself compromising any of my values in this endeavor, I also recognize that making a commercial isn't the same as bearing my testimony through film.

So I've set out to post small videos that I've made which document things I find beautiful in this world. I've decided to call this project His hand in this world because I do believe that when we look around us we see His hand in all things and there are worthy, lovely, positive things around us each day. I admit that these videos will not touch upon the subject of religion directly. However, they are my testimony of the goodness of God and the blessings in our lives. I hope someone may watch and be inspired to look at the world in a brighter light. 

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