Jeremy Lindström - America's Got Talent

That's right! My best friend, on national television. Jeremy Lindstrom: dude in the orange shirt, with white jacket over the girl with the microhpone's left shoulder. He's famous now! Isn't this awesome! The Summerwind Skippers is Jeremy's jump rope team and they got a YES from the judges, so now we are waiting to see them in Las Vegas when they jump again?
Jeremy had told me they tried out but he was sort of skeptical about whether or not we would actually see them on the air. I'm sure hundreds of people try out, but low and behold! They made it. Hopefully we will see them again. Check out the footage! They are the first act that appears on this youtube clip below.


  1. Holy cow!!! That's awesome.

  2. Wahoo! Go Jeremy!! That's so cool!

  3. Jeremy is very cool!!! 8)
    I love he!
    I see him the first one at the Rope Skipping Camp in Rüsselsheim 2012!! And he's wonderful!

    Bye, Kimmy from Germany!

  4. Hey,
    Here's Kimmy.
    Can I have his E-Mail addres? =)